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Board Members and Coordinators
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Executive Board Members

President – Catherine (201)493-8239

Administrative V.P.Linda (201)444-2961

Membership V.P. – Carolyn  (201)652-4765

Secretary – Suzanne L (201)445-3180

Treasurer – Alison  (201)689-2214



MOMS Club 2006-2007 Coordinators

The MOMS Club is able to run smoothly thanks to the efforts of our wonderful coordinators & committee volunteers. Thank you for offering your time.

MOMS Night OutLinda

Field Trips – Stasha

Playgroups – Felicia

Speakers – Lanvi

Culinary Delights – Ameri

Meals For MOMS – Caroline

Newsletter Contributor – Emily

Kid’s Craft – Suzanne W

New Members – Deirdre S & Jill B

Events – Paula

Charities Coordinator - Yemi

Breakfast Club Coordinator - Jennifer D

HOWL Coordinator - Rebecca

Volunteers and host homes are always needed so if your interested Contact Us.

Neither the International MOMS Club nor the MOMS Club of Glen Rock, NJ endorse any lycos/tripod banner, pop up or other advertisements on this site.