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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  I just joined.  Now what?

A:  Welcome!  The first thing to do is look over the newsletter & calendar and decide what you want to participate in.  Please RSVP for those events you plan to go to - you can always call back to cancel if something comes up.  (RSVPs are very important since we often have reservations and group discounts.)  To RSVP you can call or e-mail the activity contact person, who will be listed in the newsletter.  We list all of our upcoming events in our newsletter on a monthly basis.  If you notice a project that you would like to be involved in, or think of another way you would like to volunteer, please call any board member.  Our group is only as strong as our member involvement and we would love to have you participate!


Q:  How do I find out what’s going on in the Club?

A:  The newsletter is your first source for upcoming events and announcements.  It will be mailed out by the first of each month. Finally, it is also important to try to attend the Members’ Meeting each month to stay involved in what is going on in the club.  At our meetings we vote on important issues and your opinion counts!


Q:  Can my children really come to everything with me? 

A:  Yes, please bring your children to everything!  Being a stay-at-home mom shouldn’t keep you at home.  The one exception is MOMS Night Out…most moms do choose to leave the kids with dad or a sitter for these events, but nursing infants are always welcome!  If you are responsible for children other than your own, you are welcome to bring them to events as long as we have a signed liability release form on hand for each child.  If needed, contact any board member and we can e-mail or send a form to you.  These forms MUST be filled out by the child’s parent, not by you.


Q:  How much will the MOMS Club cost me?

A:  You do not need to spend any money besides your annual dues unless you choose to.  Members’ Meetings, activity groups, and playdays are all free.  Some field trips and MOMS Nights Out may cost additional funds, but we try to keep them reasonable.  In addition, you may choose to bring snacks or a potluck dish to some gatherings, or donate craft supplies to a children’s’ party, and the cost of those are up to you.


Q:  What do my dues pay for?

A:  We pay the International MOMS Club Corporation $2 per member per year to maintain our charter.  In addition, your dues pay for your membership pin and the expense of our newsletter, such as printing and copying, along with other general supplies needed to run the chapter.  Since we are a non-profit group, we can spend very little on parties, etc. and thus must rely on our membership to donate the time and supplies to make our gatherings work, or to help with fund-raising events to raise the money for special events.

Q:  I have an interest that the MOMS Club doesn’t address.  Who do I talk to?

A:  If you have any suggestions, please call any board member.  We would love to help you start a new activity group!  Chances are good that if you are interested in something, another member is too.



Q:  How can I get more involved?

A:  We rely on our members for everything, so your participation will be much appreciated.  Call a coordinator or board member and ask to join a committee; form a new activity group; come to the Members’ Meetings and share your ideas and opinions.  This is YOUR club, and you will get out of it what you put into it.


Q:  Are there any “perks” to being in the MOMS Club?

A:  Sure!  For one, we have a “Meals for MOMS” program that we encourage all our members to call upon when needed.  Meals for MOMS provides meals to any mom who needs it due to pregnancy, a new child, illness, etc.  And of course, let’s not discount the amazing friendships you and your kids will make through the MOMS Club and the memories you will make at our activities!! 


Q:  When do I need to renew and whom do I pay?

A:   Your membership fee is good for one year from the month you originally joined.  Our Secretary collects our dues and will send you an e-mail at the beginning of your anniversary month.  She’ll send one reminder e-mail at the end of the month just in case you forgot to send in the check and new liability form.


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